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Who Cares?

Award Winning Finalist

In the 2021 Best Book Awards

Sponsored by American Book Fest



"Who Cares?" is part of the "CHAN IS A CAREGIVER™" collection. This children's book inspires compassion and generosity in a simple and imaginative manner for the youngest of girls and boys. Brimming with colorful illustrations, the book gently introduces children to the disease of ALS and gives specific attention to the role played by caregivers. In an age appropriate manner, children will be taught about the crucial role friends and caregivers play.

Who Cares? is highly acclaimed by industry critics and audiences alike, Who Cares? From the collection of "CHAN IS A CAREGIVER™" includes a myriad of essential information that is guaranteed to help and inspire every reader. This new publication is available anytime, and is easily accessed on any type of device.

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Will You Remember?


Award Winning Finalist 

Sponsored by American Book Fest



Chan’s grandmother has Alzheimer’s disease. This means she easily becomes confused and forgetful. But Chan won’t let this bring her down. She remembers all the good times she’s had with her grandmother. Chan lets these memories guide her as she begins caregiving for her grandmother by making sure she eats nutritious foods along with getting the help and support she needs. As she helps her grandmother stay happy and healthy, Chan makes new memories she can keep with her forever.

About The Book: About
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